As a skill Development organization and an institution that imparts online courses, we strive to understand and realize your career ambition first, if you are an individual and if you are an Institution your longstanding success.

We Listen You Talk

We value Integrity

We believe in adhering to educational and skill development ethics with honesty and integrity for others as an empathy motto. We do not sell Education through courses, but we deliver our expertise and experience to bring the best out of an aspiring individual and make them beat others at the competitive employment race.

Our Strategy

CVRT being in its 25th year in the field of education and vocational skill development adopts a multi pronged strategy to ensure our hallmark of high standard of Quality in the endeavours of Certification and impartation of different types of skill trainings through various modes.

The objectives

To make the huge potential of the Human Resources of India and our friendly neighbouring nations to turn the same in to the major key towards achieving economic prosperity. This is to be done with foolproof guidelines for a meticulous process of impartation of training in the concerned discipline and trade specific technical inputs and impeccable standard of certification

To ensure qualitative and appropriate vocational skills to reach all the unreached members belonging to different strata of the society through institutions affiliated to CVRT

To enable every individual irrespective of their backgrounds to equip himself or herself with the adequate skills to attain rewarding career goals

To make sure, the fruits of endless job and entrepreneurial opportunities that have been made possible by the current opportunities offered by the globalized economic environment to be enjoyed by all especially, the youth through suitable skills.

To make all right and apt skills and in particular the life skills to be embedded in the budding minds at the earliest through a kids friendly methodology.

To identify all kinds of skills that contribute to the Socio Economic wellbeing of the society.

To attach importance to sustainability of any type of vocational Skill training for the purpose of employability.

To attach utmost priority to the factor of commercial viability and ecological security in all endeavours of CVRT .

To create models of formal and non formal skill training and imparting of highly efficient practical training for standardised certification

To establish a large pool of skilled individuals and vocational skill training institutions that can contribute towards self empowerment and to the overall productivity of the nation.

To infuse the sense of professionalism and practical orientation to the trainees and the institutions that impart skill training with our association.

To provide recognition and authenticity to the skills that remain neglected, despite their potential for employability and economic productivity with a standard curriculum and assessment for every skill acquired through the institutions that are affiliated to CVRT Educational Council.

To ensure recognition and the stamp of authenticity to the finer working skills belonging to various trades and disciplines that are considered as ordinary but carry high job potential. This is done through a standard assessment process and certification to help individuals to secure jobs both in India and abroad.