FAQ General


Why vocational diploma and certificate courses ?

The very heavy competition in the domestic job domain and high job potential abroad makes it imperative to greatly increase the number of well trained persons in all the skills related to the job market.


Why such courses do not target Government jobs ?

While the government jobs have been dwindling so fast and might go down to the nil status in the years to come, The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), has become the order of the day. Now even most of the government departments outsource their services to private players.

According to the manpower needs of production and service industries, the jobs are plenty in numbers but number of well trained skilled persons is scarce. A big mismatch prevails.

So, CVRT offers skill development courses to make the youth with academic Qualifications, semi skilled persons, unemployed and under employed youths and the school dropouts etc towards filling the gaps. The courses are offered through both in campus and online modes and through a wide net work of affiliates.


Why students prefer this kind of study pattern ?

Maximum gainful employment is acheived through appropriate Vocational skill training.

"Minimum efforts and maximum gain" is the secret behind the choice of Vocational Skill Training courses for most of the youngsters. The rewards impressively outscore the financial investment and the physical effort put in by a student in comparison with various degrees and diploma courses.

The dual purpose of earn while learn is made possible by this pattern of study. While being involved in any kind of job or college studies, he or she may opt to undergo any such preferred courses simultaneously from CVRT and its affiliated institutions.


Can the certificates of CVRT be registered with the Employment Exchange ?

Truly speaking, such courses shall serve as proof of evidence for the skills you have acquired and the expected standards in the course undergone. Registering the certificates with the employment exchange would be the prerogative of the officer concerned.


Do the small, medium scale commercial entities and corporate sector need skill development courses ?

The domestic corporate companies and the companies abroad essentially require apt skills to perform any job rather than formal set of mere degrees or their equivalent. Because they know uptrend acquirements are more structured and practical oriented than any other formal academic qualifications like degrees etc.

FAQ On affiliation of institutions


How are the course contents fitted with industry expectations ?

CVRT's tie-ups with corporate companies fulfil placement needs and serve as the reservoir of inputs on the current man power needs of different types of industries. Our Advisory committee of experts update the course contents of vocational skill course syllabi and the curriculum, synchronizing the same with the needs of the job market.


Can an institution seek franchise for more than one location ?

Yes, if all the norms of the eligibility criteria is fulfilled, an existing affiliate or an institution intents to be a affiliate can apply for approval for more than one centre to function as VTC throughout India.


What will be the financial investment to establish a Vocational skill training centre recognised by CVRT ?

The investment will depend upon the number of courses to be conducted by the VTC.


How long will it take to secure the CVRT recognition ?

A potential and eligible institution will be accorded affiliation and approval of courses by the CVRT within fifteen working days upon receiving the application. The inspection committee’s scrutiny will take place before sanctioning of approval of affiliate.


What will be the Validity period of approval from CVRT ?

Validity period of approval will be two years. The renewal of the approval shall depend upon the fulfilment the norms laid down by CVRT.