Who can Apply ?

All educational institutions and vocational skill training centres, both existing and the ones about to be established are eligible to apply to be the affiliate of CVRT. And the Individuals having expertise in certain vocational skills with job potential and capable of training the aspirants in such skills, can also apply to establish vocational training centres in the event of their fulfilling other conditions for eligibility such as recommended infrastructure etc.

Terms and Conditions


The VTC should keep the CVRT fully informed about the total number of students admitted in the institute for each course.


VTC must Register the particulars of all students with CVRT with the duly filled in registration forms provided by CVRT


The Academic year usually commences from the month of June.


The VTC should intimate the change of Address first to CVRT for inspection. And only after the inspection and due approval, the premises can be changed.


The VTC should conduct only the affiliated full time courses and should not conduct any other courses either as full time or part time.


The name and Duration of the course should not be changed at any cost by VTC.


The VTC should send the complete profile of all staff members along with their Appointment Orders to CVRT.


The VTC should maintain separate Attendance register for the students and the staff members for each course.


The number of Students in each class should be a minimum of 15 and it should not exceed 30.


The VTC should strictly follow the syllabus provided by CVRT with proper Schedule and Time Table.


The VTC should be only the affiliate institution of the CVRT and it should not share the Building / Tools / Infrastructure/ Staff with any other institutions affiliated to any other organizations.


The centres affiliated to CVRT have to conduct only the CVRT courses and can not conduct similar courses for other organizations in the same infrastructure


The payments received from VTC shall not be refunded under any circumstances.


CVRT has all rights to monitor the VTC by sending the Inspection Team, without prior intimation.


The approved Advertisement Format will be sent to the institution. The institution can start running the courses by placing Advertisement in the local dailies. Any false or wrong information given to the public will lead to the cancellation of Recognition at any time without prior notice.


The agreement with the VTC shall be valid initially for the period of one year only, and it may be renewed on approval from CVRT, on same terms and conditions for the subsequent Academic year.

How to become the Affiliate of CVRT ?

Application process for seeking Affiliation

Upon enquiries and securing clarity on the application process to become a affiliate, the aspirant for franchise should proceed with the following steps.

  • Filing of Application for Affiliate : Submission of Duly filled in application form along with supporting Documents in a form of booklet.
  • Scrutiny of the application
  • After Scrutiny of the application booklet containing supporting documents, the applying institution has to make the payment of fees based on the courses applied for together with fees for Recognition and Approval.
  • Acknowledgement of the application booklet and nod for further processing
  • Physical verification of CVRT team on the premises of the applying institution.
  • Signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Granting of Affiliation to the VTC with CVRT