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Centre for Vocational Research and Training

We value Integrity

We believe in adhering to educational and skill development ethics with honesty and integrity for others as an empathy motto.

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Centre for Vocational Research and Training


CVRT being in its 25th year in the field of education and vocational skill development adopts a multi pronged strategy to ensure our hallmark...

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Centre for Vocational Research and Training

The objectives

To make the huge potential of the Human Resources of India and our friendly neighbouring nations to turn the same in to the major key towards...

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CVRT Services

Broad Categories of Functions

Offering franchise to individuals and institutions to impart Government of India approved Vocational Skill Training courses for different Disciplines and Trades with accreditation and certification from CVRT.

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Courses Offered

Education is an endless process needed for the development of any nation. India being one of the fast developing nations of the world concentrates on the important aspects of youth education as maximum percent of youth in our country and who are going to build this universe. Those vital aspects of youth education are the following.

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Education is the only vehicle that can propel an individual towards ensuring the economic empowerment, irrespective of his or her background.



Why vocational diploma and certificate courses?

The very heavy competition in the domestic job domain and high job potential abroad...

Why such courses do not target Government jobs?

While the government jobs have been dwindling so fast and might go down to the nil status in the years to come.

Why students prefer this kind of study pattern?

The phrase “Minimum pain and maximum gain” is the secret behind the choice of Vocational Skill Training courses.

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